Friday, July 24, 2009

Dictatus Peterae – Idle Musings of a Megalomaniac

Newly leaked from my Westminster source is what seems to be a scented page of lilac paper torn from the personal diary of a government minister. The text is in Latin and in the florid, bold hand of one with complete confidence of his power and influence. Labour Party sources have denied its authenticity, while demanding how it came to be in the public domain.

A contact at Edinburgh University has offered the following translation:

It is hereby decreed:

I. That the Labour Party was founded by God alone.

II. That Baron Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool alone can with right be called universal.

III. That He alone can depose or reinstate ministers and diplomats.

IV. That, in a committee His representative, even if a lower grade, is above all other ministers, and can pass sentence of deposition against them.

V. That He may depose the absent.

VI. That, among other things, we ought not to remain in the same house with those excommunicated by Him.

VII. That for Him alone is it lawful, according to the needs of the time, to make new laws.

VIII. That He alone may use the Prime Ministerial insignia.

IX. That of He alone shall all ministers kiss the feet.

X. That His name alone shall be spoken in the ministries and committees.

XI. That this is the only name in the world.

XII. That it may be permitted to Him to depose Prime Ministers.

XIII. That He may be permitted to transfer ministers and diplomats if need be.

XIV. That He has power to ordain a minister of any portfolio He may wish.

XV. That He who is ordained by Him may preside over another ministry, but may not hold a subordinate position; and that such a one may not receive a higher grade from any minister.

XVI. That no election shall be called a general one without His order.

XVII. That no law shall be considered passed without His authority.

XVIII. That a sentence passed by Him may be retracted by no one; and that He himself, alone of all, may retract it.

XIX. That He himself may be judged by no one.

XX. That no one shall dare to condemn one who appeals to His holy chair.

XXI. That to the latter should be referred the more important cases of every ministry.

XXII. That the Labour Party has never erred; nor will it err to all eternity, the Scripture bearing witness.

XXIII. That His Holiness is undoubtedly made a saint by his merits.

XXIV. That, by His command and consent, it may be lawful for subordinates to bring accusations.

XXV. That He may depose and reinstate ministers without assembling the cabinet.

XXVI. That he who is not at peace with Him shall not be considered for any public office.

XXVII. That He may absolve subjects from their fealty to other power-brokers.


My Edinburgh University contact tells me that this as a corrupted version of Dictatus Papae, a document supposedly written by Pope Gregory VII (Hildebrand) in 1075. It wasn’t made public at the time, and it has been argued by scholars that rather than just the idle scribblings of a power-hungry pope, it was in fact the church’s wish-list for absolute power. At very least it gives a good idea of just how powerful the medieval Christian Church either saw itself, or planned to become.

For those who seek to defend democracy in Britain in the early 21st century, the truly chilling aspect of this discovery is how little has been changed for this journal entry, if indeed it is authentic, which is yet to be verified.


scunnert said...

We must be vigilant in exposing the schemes and machinations of the illuminati.

OutLander said...


Whoever he's working for, he's running the show for the next 11 months.

Anonymous said...

It's thought by some that Mandelson is a Rothschild illegitimate. The Rothschild's in Golden Dawn and Freemasonic parlance worship Lucifer, the light-bringer and the inference in the text to God is really to Lucifer (Satan).

Standard Illuminati practice is to have a puppet leader and the real controller/handler nearby... Just as in Hilary Clinton/Barack Obama. The real 'leader's' are out of sight. The Rothschild's are up there but there's higher still.

subrosa said...

It's only in recent years that I've taken an interest in the illuminati and their secretive behaviours.

Another excellent post.

OutLander said...


This wasn't intended as an Illuminati post, merely via satire to point out how powerful Mandelson has become, in what is supposed to be a democracy. As the hidden power behind the govt, his reach and influence is not unlike that attained by Cardinal Richelieu, or Dick Cheney in our own time.

As a rule, I'm sceptical about single conspiracy theories, not because they're not possible, but rather because I just assume that several international conspiracies are at work at any one time, and not always on the same side.

I would be surprised if Mandelson was NOT working for someone.
Whoever it is, the evidence would strongly suggest that they have something on Brown, and have forced him to stay put to give Mandelson 11 months to complete whatever he is up to.

Scotland will be out of this mess soon, but God help England.

OutLander said...

Cheers, Rosie.

subrosa said...

OL, I do hope my mention on my Subrosa's Super Seven blogs on a Saturday ensures that more people regularly read your posts. I never write a critic beside any post and of course I can't promote you every week ( you're not THAT good lol) but I feel you deserve much more interest from the Scottish blog scene.

This is not a blogosphere political broadcast ... :)

OutLander said...

Thanks, Rosy,

You are too kind.

Please accept my sincere thanks for all the times you have recommended my posts, and my apologies if I have forgotten to thank you for any times you've mentioned me. Whenever I get a surge in traffic, it's usually your fault. ;)

You're right, I probably should have a higher profile, but I don't have the time to post as much as I would like, so my traffic tends to fall away between posts. The pressures of work keep me away my blog, which is always fun to return to.

Yours is one of my favourite blogs, and I am at a loss as to how you find the time to post as much as you do, and with such consistent quality.

You are a phenomenon, Madam.

scunnert said...

I was writing tongue in cheek.

"I would be surprised if Mandelson was NOT working for someone.
Whoever it is, the evidence would strongly suggest that they have something on Brown, and have forced him to stay put to give Mandelson 11 months to complete whatever he is up to."

That's pretty much my thinking.

OutLander said...


I had a feeling you were kidding, but wasn't sure. Considering FreeThinker's later comment, some people take this stuff very seriously. Perhaps with justification.

My comment was intended to be a valid response, whether you were serious or not, without belittling your input.

Time will tell who Mandelson is working for, and whether the Tories will have the balls to change British constitutional law to prevent such an unelected official ever again from gaining such power over the UK government.

I somehow doubt it.

OutLander said...

On second thoughts, perhaps he is a symbol of some new found honesty in British politics. After all, the UK has been run by faceless corporations for decades, as George Monbiot argues convincingly in Captive State.

At least now we can put a face to the corruption, until we can work out who is running the show.