Monday, April 26, 2010

What I Can and Cannot Change

Things I Cannot Change:

1. The ever-increasing world population.

2. The inevitable moral corruption of most politicians after prolonged exposure to political power.

3. The rise of China as a world power.

4. The relative decline of America as a world power.

5. The power that banks have over governments, such that banks are deemed too big to fail but nations, evidently, are not.

6. The financial slavery in which the West holds the Third World via the IMF, the World Bank, and by direct and indirect trade tariffs.

7. The mind-numbing frequency with which otherwise intelligent, rational, moral people are swayed by powerful vested interests to change their understanding of the reasons behind world events, against all evidence to the contrary.

8. The power of the Murdoch press to influence opinions, societies and elections around the world.

9. The power of the Israeli government to directly influence American foreign policy by using AIPAC to lobby the US government and senators. This is not an anti-Semitic statement. See points 7 & 8.

10. Climate change altering our planet beyond recognition. This is not a radical statement. With Big Oil in mind, see point 7 again.

What I Do Have Some Power to Change:

The colonial control of the nation of Scotland by the last remnants of the warmongering imperial state we call the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

It is known almost universally, and incorrectly, as 'England', a nation itself held fast by the same political machinery.

By getting off my backside and making the effort to vote for an independent Scotland in this and EVERY election until independence, I can directly influence this state of affairs. A solid SNP block will stand up for Scotland in London, at least whilst this colonial situation continues.

The ultimate goal is of course NO SNP MPs in London, but by doing this I can help push Scotland towards becoming an independent nation, the normal state of affairs around the world.

With independence we can stop sending Scottish boys to die needlessly in illegal foreign wars, we get Trident nuclear submarines out of Scottish waters, we say goodbye to London parties telling us how to run our affairs, and we use our oil money to fix the mess Britain has left Scotland in after 303 years of Union.

We then face the above challenges in control of our own destiny.

We fix our society by taking control of our own laws, taxes, fisheries, oil, alternative energy resources, environment, media, broadcasting, immigration policy and import tariffs – without asking anyone else’s permission – so that Scotland becomes a freer, fairer and safer place to live and raise a family.

Open your eyes, Scotland.


Quinie frae Angus said...

Hear hear, OutLander.

If only we had a pro-independence newspaper or broadcasting channel available to us to persuade other (non-blogosphere-reading) people of our argument!

I am heartened to see though, that Newsnet Scotland has now taken up the mantle of collecting together the best of the articles written by those of a more independent and less sheep-like mindset.

Wish we could find a wealthy benefactor/publisher to print it and make it much more widely accessible.

OutLander said...

Greetings, Quinie,

In the bloggysphere, I like Newsnet and over the Caledonian Mercury which seems too restrained, and doesn't write often enough. It's more like a Sunday magazine than an online newspaper.

Other than these, I think the media situation is changing. There are cracks appearing in the Unionist edifice:

Gordon Brewer and Iain MacWhirter are fairly balanced, Joan McAlpine is getting the message out in the Times, and Ian Bell is pretty good.

I also think some of our other Scottish roving reporters are now keeping up a pretence of Unionism, if just to keep their jobs.

Having said that, we still have to deal with the Daily Record, the Scotsman, and pillocks like Glen Campbell. His partisanship is well known and was pretty clearly exposed in the recent debate he 'chaired'. He is so incompetent, he actually helps the nationalist cause.

In my opinion, he should go back to singing.

"Just a Newsnight cowboy..."
(sing along)

Anonymous said...

Indeed make the world a safer place vote SNP.
If you vote for any unionist party you have the blood of other people from other parts of our planet on your hands.
So the next time you see the remains of men women and children on the tv, remember you voted to have them killed

OutLander said...

Well said, Anon.

I think many British voters have still to make the connections between the foreign policies of the govts we vote for and the carnage we see on TV from around the world.

Most don't connect the regional wars we see on TV with British arms sales, or the Gaza Strip massacre with unconditional British support for the Israeli Govt, or Afghan immigrants arriving on our shores with the war in Afghanistan.

The exception would be the connection most people now make between the thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths and Blair's essential legitimisation role for the US invasion of Iraq, which many now recognise would not have happened without his support for Bush.

As you say, we voted to have those babies killed.

So much for strong government with large majorities.

Scots need to wake up to how essential our role is in all this, and how much we have the means within our power to put a stop to it.

Anonymous said...

"As you say, we voted to have those babies killed.
So much for strong government with large majorities."

That is why all Scots should be voting SNP ,unless you support your tax money being spent on sending some of Scotlands children off to slaughter and be slaughtered!
It just encourages terrorism NOT STOP IT!!!
If Afghanis where patrolling the streets of Scotland ,to UNINVITEDLY liberate us from English oppression and WMD's ,and just slaughtering us without care or concern in the process. I would want to pay you back in kind ,its only natural.

ALSO a vote for the SNP is a vote for CHANGE. Not just for Scots ,but the UK and the EU.
If the SNP can get a Scottish mandate they can bring Scotland out of the UK. In doing so it would mean a revaluation of political parties and the political system itself in all the parts of the former UK. It would also mean that the Republic of Scotland and the Kingdom of England would have to re-apply to the EU. It would also mean the Lisbon Treaty would no longer be valid ,as the UK no longer exists.

OutLander said...

Well said, Cuthulan.